Spiritualist, Bro Peter Hammond
Spiritualist, Bro Peter Hammond

Brother Peter Hammond, a spiritualist, has cautioned business owners to never trade employment for sex.

According to him, it is one unfortunate act that has folded many prime businesses in our part of the world.

He explained that, it is even dangerous, both spiritually and physically, for managers to envy the wives of their subordinates.

In an interview on Adom FM‘s Work and Happiness show, Mr Hammond mentioned lots of spiritual factors that tend to affect the financial strength of people, especially men.

“If someone is coming to look for a job in your company don’t try to sleep with her before you give her the opportunity. She can cause you to thrive or not but roughly about 65 per cent destroy the business. If you want to employ her, it’s okay but do not ask for sex before the job,” he advised.

“Do not envy the wife or your junior workers. A lot of people do that a lot… There are some things that when you do, you cannot prosper in life.”

Talking further against the gesture, Mr Hammond added that, “women, naturally, have powers than men. If you don’t know, and you open a business with your wife and think you will do stuff with your secretary, and she is smart, she can cook for you to break your marriage.”


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