Popular Youtuber, Wode Maya, has revealed how he transformed his side hustle on YouTube into a full-time career.

In an exclusive interview with YouTube sensation, Gabe The Sharkboy, Maya confessed that, despite earning a comfortable salary of $2,000 a month in his corporate job, he was earning between $100 to $200 from his YouTube channel, which he was running part-time.

However, he soon realized that he could make much more if he went full-time on YouTube. According to Wode Maya, he quit his job after pondering the idea for a while.

Maya revealed that his bold decision to leave the stability and security of his job has paid off. He brought to light how his channel surged in subscribers and views after he went full-time on YouTube.

The YouTuber is currently one of the top-earning YouTubers in Africa. Maya bragged that he even earns more in a day than the monthly salary of some doctors.

In the interview, Maya expressed his gratitude for the opportunities YouTube has brought him and encouraged others to follow their dreams and take risks. He advised folks interested in YouTubing to put their fears away and venture into the content creation space.

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